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Angaluru village in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, India is distinguished for its leadership in freedom struggle from British Colonialism, Telugu literature, and women education and leadership early on.  Intellectual natives of Angaluru contributed immensely to the people around the world. This site was dedicated in tribute to the history and heroic people of Angaluru who struggled to achieve free India establishing a secular democracy on August 15, 1947. This site went on line on the eve of celebration 100th birth day of senior citizen of Angaluru, Sri Arekapudi Nagabhushanam in 2001, a quintessential freedom fighter of Angaluru, only one surviving in 2001 who was involved at every phase of India's non-violent struggle to achieve independence.

This web site hosting and maintenance courtesy of:
Drs. Vijayalakshmi and Bapu Arekapudi
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